Office Policies

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Office Policies

The following policies and procedures have been developed with your health and convenience in mind and to allow us to provide the best care to all of our patients. We sincerely appreciate your confidence in our office.

Telephone Calls/Messages

Telephone messages are answered in the order they are received unless there are pending emergent messages.

On Call Coverage

We currently have a system in place where you will have access to a medical doctor 24 hrs a day. If you call the office during business hours, Dr. Curran's secretary will take your call. Depending on what is needed she may directed you to his Medical Assistant.

If you call the office after hours we have an answering service who will contact the on call provider for you . You will have the opportunity to speak with the on call provider and explain your situation.

Lab Tests, Scans (CT/MRI/DEXA), Mammograms, Ultrasounds, etc

For radiology scheduling, you will receive a copy of the order form that was faxed to the facility where you will have your test done. Please call the number provided on the order form to schedule your appointment (**exception**if you have HMO insurance, you will be contacted with scheduling information upon approval from your medical group). For all urgent scheduling, the Medical Assistant will arrange the appointment within 24 hours and you will be notified by telephone of the appointment specifics and physician instructions. For abnormal results the Medical Assistant or Dr. Curran will contact you as soon as possible. For all normal results please allow seven to ten days for notification of the results.

No Show/Cancellation Policy

For any notice of intention to cancel or change an assigned appointment, a 12 hours notice is required. Our office confirms appointments on the business day prior to the scheduled appointment. The 12 hour notice of cancellation policy is to ensure that the allotted time can be utilized by another patient. A $50.00 MISSED APPOINTMENT FEE may be charged for failure to provide at least 12 hours notification of cancellation (except in the event of an emergency). If you are late for the scheduled appointment, it will be determined if we can still accommodate the visit based on the schedule. If unable to do so, we will need to reschedule your appointment to another day.

Prescription Refills

To expedite your refill requests you must contact your pharmacy to request the refill at least 72 hours prior to being out of medication. Your pharmacy will contact our office on our behalf for approvals for refills on your medications. Phoning your pharmacy several days in advance is the fastest way to get your prescription medication refilled. If you require a written prescription, please call our office one week before you need your refill.


Please allow at least seven days to fill out any forms or to generate a physician letter. Our office will contact you when your medical records, forms and/or letters are ready. A form fee of $20.00-$50.00 may be assessed.

DMV Application Disabled Person Plaquard*

*You may need to download Adobe Reader to open the PDF.

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Dr. Curran's Medical Assistant takes care of submitting referrals to the insurance company or medical group. The referral may be for any consultation with a specialist or any procedure that the doctor has ordered for you to have. Referrals will take anywhere from 3-5 business days. If additional information is needed in order to process your referral the timeline may change.
Dr Curran started his medical practice in 1996. He specializes in primary care adult medicine. The practice provides comprehensive medical services including physicals, treatment of common illnesses, preventive health services, nutrition and exercise counseling, diagnosis and management of complex chronic medical problems, and senior medication reduction programs.
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